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A sandy pop-up on Southbank

Southbank has been turning into the southeast these last few weeks and on Friday Dishoom will be adding their own touch with the opening of a summery, colorful and fresh pop-up bar.  

With Big Ben and the London Eye in sight Londoners have a chance to stroll through sand, relax in deckchairs and appreciate Dishoom’s homage to Bombay’s iconic Chowpatty Beach. During the Southbank Centre’s Festival of Britian’s 60th anniversary celebrations the critically acclaimed Bombay café, located in Covent Garden, will be adding some ethnic flavour to the area.

With 48 tonnes of sand, created by Grassroot Garden, the Southbank Centre has set up the beach that sits below the ‘up-cycled’ bar.

Join them until September to indulge in classic, street food and shaved-iced drinks made from authentic Gola flavours. So if you want to get away from the city grind, treat yourself to Dishoom’s signature dishes and a great atmosphere for a Bombay-on-Thames experience.


Short term, big impact

About a month ago, over drinks and casual conversation, the idea to form a pop-up social enterprise think-tank was born. Using their talents and experience these young professionals turned the illusion of a pop-up into a true commitment.
POPse! will launch on Monday at the site of an old Pizza take-away in Exmouth Market, to run new energy through old ideas and debates. The 5-day think-tank will analyse social enterprise policy and practice and the week’s findings will be published at the end of the pop-up.

All the POPse! collaborators have experience from inside government, think-tanks, social enterprise, charity, publishing and the City, and they will be drawing together some of the UK’s leading social enterprise thinkers and practitioners for the think-tank.

They are literally the embodyment of what a pop-up symbolises, taking their own assets and putting them into economic use, says Dan Gregory, one of the POPse! organizers.

Three of the main organizers, Dan included, had recently left their jobs for other opportunities but wanted to make use of the skills and connections they formed for this project.

He explains that their goal is to have a regenerative affect on wider community. POPse! will be a space where people can say what they think but have a chance to be a bit cheeky in the way they say it since there are no professional or institutional restraignts.

“We want to bring out things people are already saying when they’re at drinks with friends and in casual conversation,” says Gregory. “I hope this can show you can be funny, mischievous, insightful and  funny without a huge amount of time and money to invigorate the debate a little bit.”

“There’s some fantastic people in our sector with a lot to say and they don’t always have the appropriate channel to say it.”

While POPse! will take place in London, they will be making it possible for others to interact through the web.

Nick Temple, another of the minds behind POPse! says, “It’s generating a surprising amount of interest, people quite like the idea. I think gradually as the day approaches we feel like we have to produce something of value.  It just seemed like quite a fun idea as we sat in coffee shops and planned.”

Follow them at @popupthinktank and get more information from the POPse! website

And in case you didn’t know:

Social enterprises: are businesses driven primarily by a social or environmental purpose, whose profits are principally reinvested back into services or the community.
Think-tanks: are organisations, often not-for-profit, that undertake research and analysis to incubate, test and propose new ideas which provoke debate and influence public policy.

Roganic: Simon Rogan’s new restaurant venture

Simon Rogan, known in the culinary world as innovative and quirky, is looking forward to more international exposure in London.
Simon Rogan, known in the culinary kingdom as innovative and quirky, is looking forward to more international exposure in London.

Michelin-starred chef Simon Rogan is opening up a “basic and organic” pop-up restaurant in Marylebone.

The restaurant, Roganic, is expected to open its doors in early June on 19 Blanford Street, replacing Michael Moore’s (not to be confused with the American filmmaker) restaurant that closed earlier this year.

The name Roganic stems from the natural, untouched ingredient theme Rogan often advocates and a main inspiration at L’Enclume, Rogan’s renowned Cumbrian restaurant that opened in 2003. And in case you missed the obvious, the name is also a nice little play on words.

And what is this chef hoping to bring to London– another Michelin-starred restaurant?

“Any recognition will be well received; it’s not our aim though. But it will be very similar to L’Enclume, with a little twist for the London market. The focus will always be quality.”

The restaurant does have an expiration date though, sometime around June 2013. It’s a rather long stay according to popular opinion of what a pop-up should be, but it does aspire to carry the concept of one.

“Pop-ups have that underground feel to them, we like that bizarre feeling. We’re not committed to anything. It’s a great way to test things in the London water and if things work out in London, maybe we’ll keep the same site, maybe we won’t.”

Putting on this pop-up restaurant, Rogan was able to forgo making a huge investment. And moving away from the 14-acre farm that L’Enclume depends on in northwest England,  head chef of Roganic Ben Spalding will have a “larger net” of ingredients to work with in London.

“This gives us a chance to reset parameters of what we expect,” said Rogan. “I’m sure Ben will give this all his own little spin.”

There are still a few things left to plan, like what exactly will be on the menu, but Rogan explains that’s the beauty and flexibility of a pop-up.

“It’s small– no grandeur– it’s not about extravagant drapery. It’s basic. It’s about what goes on the table.”


What’s poppin’ now?

Until July 9 We Make London: Summer Pop-up The Oak Studio, 8 Perrins Court, Hampstead, London, NW3 1QS

Until July 30 Piccadilly Community Centre Hauser & Wirth Gallery, 196A Piccadilly London W1J 9DY

Until August 3 Ellesse Pop-up shop & Coffee House 77 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DJ

Until August 14 Pop-up Urban Physic Garden 100 Union Street, London, SE1 0NL

Until September The Dishoom Beach Bar Pop-up on London Southbank, in front of the Southbank Centre

Until September The Terrace Garden Pop-up Bar at The Langham The Langham, 1c Portland Place, Regent Street, London, GB W1B 1JA

Until September 30 Frank’s Cafe and Campari Bar 10th Floor, Peckham Multi-story carpark 95A Rye Lane, London SE15 4ST

Until November The Summerhouse Restaurant 60 Blomfield Road, W9 2PA